DBCEC (WA) Pty Ltd is a family owned civil earthmoving company based in Donnybrook, WA, operating throughout Western Australia, primarily the North West, South West, Perth Metro and Wheatbelt. DBCEC (WA) Pty Ltd was established in 2013, by a father and son team, Ross and Shane Smith. Both Ross and Shane had both owned and managed separate civil construction businesses for many years prior, with Ross’s previous business stemming back to the late 1970s. 


The decision to combine their knowledge, skill and expertise in civil earthmoving, resulted in the establishment of DBCEC (WA) Pty Ltd (formerly Donnybrook Civil Earthmoving Contractors).


Since its commencement in 2013 DBCEC (WA) Pty Ltd has been recognised for its forward thinking, 'can-do' attitude and practical ability to undertake a wide spectrum of projects from small scale through to high profile, complex civil construction contracts, whilst meeting client deadlines and effectively delivering each of our highly valued clients' and their consultants' required outcomes.


DBCEC (WA) Pty Ltd is a West Australian family owned and operated civil construction business. DBCEC (WA) Pty Ltd are proud to showcase current and recently completed projects. DBCEC (WA) Pty Ltd is also proud to revisit the long ago completed projects. This allows us, our clients and consultants to recall the construction challenges faced in installing the vital services on which the significant buildings and infrastructure now stand, whilst also recognising the longevity and quality embedded within these projects.

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Ross Smith (Founder/Director)

Founder and Managing Director, Ross Smith, started at the age of 15 driving his father’s, bulldozer building dams, clearing land etc in the farmlands around Donnybrook and Kondinin for his father Lloyd Smith of Lloyd Smith and Co. and has been involved in heavy equipment ever since.

Ross is born and bred in Donnybrook and left in 1972 to Perth and formed a family partnership where they bought a few machines and conducted various sub-contract work.

Triad Contractors 1978 – 1998

In 1978 Ross decided to establish Triad Contractors and become one of the biggest civil contractors in Perth where they were the pioneers in infill sewer and micro-tunnelling works. Triad Contractors operated for over 20 years and grew to a company with a capacity of over 200 staff undertaking projects to the value of over $1million dollars.


 Donnybrook Civil Earthmoving Contractors 1998 - 2013

In 1998 Ross moved back to Donnybrook and established Donnybrook Civil Earthmoving Contractors by himself with one excavator undertaking various services such as, house pads, roads, dams, sewer water installations etc. Donnybrook Civil Earthmoving Contractors slowly grew to 3 staff members and several small plant and machinery consisting of a few excavators and dozers.


Shane Smith (Founder/Director) 

In 2000 Shane Smith (Son of Ross) started with a few plant and machinery of his own and was also operating in Perth, under Shane Smith Family Trust, conducting various civil works but mainly installing underground services in subdivisions working as a subcontractor primarily for Wormall Civil but also did numerous jobs for other contractors such as Georgiou Contractors, Buckby Contracting etc. In 2012 Shane moved his operation to the Southwest and joined his dad at Donnybrook Civil Earthmoving Contractors where they worked alongside each other and expanded their operations.

DBCEC (WA) Pty Ltd 2013

In 2013 Ross and Shane decided to amalgamate both their companies under one banner into a father and son team to form DBCEC (WA) Pty Ltd. Since the beginning when Ross had Triad Contractors in Perth, he has maintained a good relationship with a core crew of pipe layers and machine operators that are now working together today. Between Ross, Shane and a core crew of experienced pipe layers and machine operators DBCEC (WA) Pty Ltd has vast knowledge and experience working together and carrying out similar works for many years. This valuable knowledge and experience is being handed down to the new, younger staff whom are eager to learn and uphold the good reputation maintained by Ross, Shane and the core crew of pipe layers and machine operators for all these years.


DBCEC (WA) Pty Ltd has a reputation of providing good quality workmanship as per the feedback received from our clients. DBCEC (WA) Pty Ltd is the preferred underground works contractor for the Donnybrook/Balingup Shire and we have also made a reputation as one of the best dam builders in the area.


Up until this point DBCEC (WA) Pty Ltd have mainly been a subcontractor carrying out underground work  for various subdivisions in the region but our skills and quality of workmanship has been recognized throughout the Southwest where we are constantly expanding and will hopefully be recognised as one of the best underground works contractors in the region.